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Mrs Bridget Johnson's Diary

I demand respect, not stupid jokes about my journal title

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My name is Bridget and I despise any and all popular characters and pairings in fandom. I instantly lose respect for anyone who says they are a fan of such things, because it clearly shows that they are immature sheep with no appreciation for the obscure and underappreciated, unlike me.

[Not a real journal - sockpuppet for Shipwar!]

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anime, anti-4chan, anti-fangirls, anti-popular, being a bitch, being a broken record, being a snob, being a special snowflake, being an entitlement whore, being arrogant, being condescending, being elitist, being high-and-mighty, being married, being pompous, being self-important, being superior, being the fandom police, brainy specs, cross popping veins, demanding respect, fans are sheep, hating teenagers, het, looking down my nose, looking down on singletons, manga, not having respect, obscure characters, obscure pairings, offices, popular things are retarded, ruining people's fun, status symbols, typing properly, video games, yaoi, yuri
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